Accurate male fertility testing and storage from home.

With our validated and peer-reviewed at-home semen analysis kit, our seamless post vasectomy test, and our top-notch fertility cryopreservation, Fellow provides the technology and infrastructure to provide doctors and patients access to clinical-grade reproductive care.

Empowering physicians and patients nationwide.

Fellow is the male fertility platform for providers, individuals, and researchers.

Fellow supports hundreds of clinicians who refer their patients to Fellow for semen analysis, PVSA, and cryopreservation. We remove the scheduling headaches, reimbursement challenges, and requisitions to manage. All at no cost to your clinic.
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Fellow offers a clinically-valid semen analysis and storage option individuals can do from the comfort of their home. Tests can be ordered from our website, and we'll send the results to the individual to discuss with their doctor.
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Fellow enables research endeavors across the country, from hospitals studying the accessibility of reproductive healthcare, to the Navy using Fellow to study the reproductive health of sailors. See if we can support your research needs.
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Chosen by thousands of individuals and providers.

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I recommend Fellow to every single one of my patients. Fellow makes the turnaround time to get a semen analysis fast and secure- it’s just so much easier.
Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

Three kits built to make fertility accessible to clinics & individuals.

Comprehensive Fertility Analysis
Fellow Semen Analysis
Doctor-approved, clinical semen analysis results in 1.5 days with our at-home, mail-in kit. The Fellow Semen Analysis has peer-reviewed validation to exceed the gold standard for semen analyses.
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Analysis + Preservation
Fellow Analysis + Cryopreservation
Includes the most accurate mail-in semen analysis and most rigorous cryopreservation storage to ensure the protection of one's fertility for as long as one needs.
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Sperm Present Check
Vasectomy Test
The Fellow vasectomy test is the most convenient way for your patients to test the success of their vasectomy from home. Get doctor-approved results in 1.5 days.
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