The accurate, easy, & doctor-recommended way to test and store your sperm.

We get it— men’s fertility is complicated, to say the least. That’s why we partnered with leading physicians to develop the highest quality semen analysis test and cryopreservation offering.

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With our at-home fertility test, you can skip the uncomfortable clinic experience and still get accurate, comprehensive, lab-grade results that are approved by a physician and easy to understand. All the while, you can preserve your fertility for when you may need your most fertile sperm.

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It’s sad but true. Getting older sucks for your sperm, too.

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Your fertility journey doesn't end when you get your results. That's why we're offering free video consultations with our licensed clinician, who has over ten years of experience helping couples with their fertility. Discuss your results, your goals, and walk away with answers and confidence.

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Fertility 101

Bad news: 1 in 11 men face infertility. Good news: We're here to help you understand your options for reaching your goals.

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Average Cost

Could be upwards of $500 or more depending on your insurance coverage & storage.

Flat Fees

Pay $189 for the analysis. Optional: $140/year for storage


Provide your sample awkwardly in a clinic


Provide sample in the comfort of your home

Results in... ?

Wait for your doctor to send you your results

Results in 1.5 days

Get your results as soon as our CLIA-certified lab approves them

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We were saddened by our results, but it was so helpful to have real, easy, and quick answers.
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Start with a cup.
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Send in your sample, and we'll get to work on your analysis in our secure biolab. Your privacy is always our top priority.

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Fellow was developed alongside leading men’s health experts from UCSF, Stanford, and USC.

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