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Odds are 50/50. Men are just as likely to have fertility issues as women—but when it comes to testing, most guys don’t. And, even when they do, their options are either outrageously expensive, super uncomfortable, or downright confusing.

We’re making fertility an active part of the conversation around men’s health. Because when it comes down to it, men have half the responsibility—and half the opportunity. Starting with fertility testing, we’re working to broaden the cultural conversations around reproduction and health, making them more inclusive and invigorating for all.

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Developed with leading doctors to create the highest certified at-home sperm test available.

We gathered the top experts across fertility, urology, and men’s health to change the way that we treat male fertility. Every test is reviewed for accuracy in our CLIA-certified lab.

Dr. Smith is one of the world’s leading experts in urology, having worked with Fellow from its inception to create the most precise fertility test possible. In addition to serving as Fellow’s Consulting Medical Director & advisory board chairman, he’s currently the Director of Male Reproductive Health at UCSF.

Dr. James F Smith, MD, MS
Fellow Consulting Medical Director
UCSF Director of Male Reproductive Health