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Fellow provides peer-reviewed, mail-in semen analysis for clinics looking for improved compliance and a patient-friendly solution to fertility testing.

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Fellow's CLIA-certified diagnostics lab combines the ease of a mail-in semen analysis with peer-reviewed clinical performance to provide reliable results in less than 2 business days*.

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Pioneering a better patient experience to maximize compliance

We dramatically improve the testing experience for patients and clinic staff members, achieving compliance rates of up to 95% compared to an established average of about 50% for in-office testing**—without sacrificing accuracy of results.

The most convenient way for patients to test the success of their vasectomy.
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Trusted, easy, and clinically accurate full semen analysis with results in less than 2 business days.
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Semen Analysis + Cryopreservation
Following a full semen analysis, secure your fertility future with our reliable cryopreservation services.
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As a high-volume vasectomy provider, Fellow post-vasectomy testing is the perfect solution for my patients as well as my practice. My patients are now able to complete their post-vasectomy semen analysis from the privacy of their own home, thereby increasing patient compliance. Once they complete testing, Fellow sends results to both me and my patient, decreasing the call volume into my practice previously required to communicate results.
David Robbins, MDUrologist at Urological Consultants of Florida, Miami, FL

Enabling breakthroughs in men's health, one sample at a time

Fellow is building a biobank of semen samples so that the most potent and accessible analyte—seminal fluid—can be used to yield breakthroughs across medical disciplines.

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* Turn around time of less than 2 days from receipt of sample to report.

Patient compliance compares tests ordered in a 6 month period to tests accessioned anytime up to 6 months after the order period.

** Multiple publications report only 1 in 2 patients complete post-vasectomy semen analysis, including [1] Bradshaw (Hseih) et al., Urology, 2019, doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2019.10.026, [2] Duplisea and Whelan, Journal of Urology, 2013, doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2013.01.062 and [3] Johnson (Siegert) et al., Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research, 2019.