We’re rethinking the future of men’s fertility.

Fellow men, it's time to join the conversation.

Did you know that men and women experience fertility issues in equal numbers? But when it comes to testing, most guys don’t. And, even when they do, their options are either outrageously expensive, super uncomfortable, or downright confusing. Starting with seamless fertility testing, we’re working to broaden the cultural conversations around reproductive health, making them more inclusive and invigorating for all. We’re getting proactive, and bringing fertility to the forefront of discussions about men’s health. Because when it comes down to it, men have half the responsibility—and half the opportunity. So quit having awkward conversations with your wife’s doctor, or worse, suffering in silence wondering if you’re “the problem.” It’s time to feel empowered, no matter where you are in your fertility journey. Enter: Fellow.

“I tested my fertility early, and decided my goal was to make it easier for you than it was for me.”

Men typically know very little about their fertility, and that’s something we are determined to change at Fellow. We wake up every day set on enabling our customers to “make it happen.” Whether that means learning more about your body, having a baby, or checking on the success of a vasectomy, we’re here to empower you through knowledge. Our goal is to destigmatize reproductive health and improve access to clinical insights, and that’s the experience you should expect at Fellow.

Will Matthews, Founder and CEO

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