Fellow is the only peer-reviewed, clinical semen analysis your patients can do from home.

Clinically validated accuracy.

Fertility and Sterility, a peer-reviewed journal, published the accuracy of the Fellow test in January 2021. It shows that Fellow's mail-in, CLIA–approved semen analysis testing system meets or exceeds all FDA requirements for novel semen analysis assays. It concludes that this test may be used in clinical practice to evaluate semen quality for fertility evaluations.

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Independently reviewed.

An independent review of Fellow's publication speaks to the benefits of Fellow's accurate mail-in test.

"The ability to perform at-home semen analysis testing has numerous clinical and patient implications, including reducing patient anxiety, improving convenience, and potentially the ability to see higher levels of patient compliance."

-Thomas A. Masterson, M.D. & Premal Patel, M.D.

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Why work with Fellow?

  1. Guaranteed quality.

    We're the only CLIA-certified, peer-reviewed, mail-in semen analysis. We exceed all standards for FDA validated semen analysis methods.

  2. Keep your patients within your clinic.

    Give your patients lab access in the convenience of their own home. Get quality and accurate results.

  3. Improve patient compliance.

    Studies show that mail-in test kits can increase compliance up to 80%. Accessibility and convenience removes common obstacles for both the patient and physician.

Patients will thank you.

  1. A preferred way to test.

    Patients take the test from the comfort of their homes. They can skip the awkward sample collection room in the lab.

  2. 96% satisfaction rating.

    Patients love Fellow. Read their reviews.

  3. Fast results. Easy to understand.

    Patients receive comprehensive results as soon as our analysis is done. If they choose, they can chat with our nurse practitioner for free.

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Three kits built to empower you and your patients on their fertility journeys.

Comprehensive Fertility Analysis
Fellow Semen Analysis
Doctor-approved, clinical semen analysis results with our at-home, mail-in kit. The Fellow Kit has peer-reviewed validation to exceed the gold standard for semen analyses.
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Analysis + Preservation
Fellow Analysis + Cryopreservation
Includes the most accurate mail-in semen analysis and most rigorous cryopreservation storage to ensure the protection of one’s fertility for as long as they need.
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Sperm Present Check
Vasectomy Test
The most convenient way for patients to test the success of their vasectomy from home. The mail-in test can increase patient compliance.
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Fellow offers several convenient options to partner with your clinic.

Fellow works with OB/GYN, Urology and Infertility Specialists all throughout the country with a variety of options to make our kits accessible to your patients. Request more information to have one of our local representatives reach out to you for additional information or email us directly at sales@meetfellow.com.

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Here's what some of Fellow's referring clinicians are saying:

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I recommend Fellow to every single one of my patients. Fellow makes the turnaround time to get a semen analysis fast and secure- it’s just so much easier.
Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh

Questions? We've got answers.

Patients may seek reimbursement through their HSA/FSA plans. Itemized receipts can be provided for patients to submit for reimbursement.
Fellow is the only mail-in test that operates its own CLIA-certified lab (CLIA Number: 05D2177822). CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, and is monitored by three federal agencies: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each agency has a unique role in assuring quality laboratory testing. Being CLIA-certified means that we are recognized by the federal government for meeting quality regulations for running tests that are used to help doctors and patients make health decisions. Operating our own lab allows us to ensure that every test is done to the highest quality standards ensuring you get the most accurate results possible.
Fellow works with a physician network that is licensed in all 50 states to write test requisitions. When your patients order a test, our network reviews their information and writes the requisition for you.
We know that you want the best for your patients, so we understand if you want to test the waters. There’s no binding agreement or contract when using Fellow's services.
Patient's results can be automatically sent out to your office, subject to patient consent. This allows us to release their results to you after the lab receives their sample and results are finalized. You’ll be able to view all of your patients’ completed results in one place.
Fellow is available in most states within the continental United States, with the exception of: New York and Rhode Island.
We can get you up and running in about 2 business days to start referring patients. Reach out to us at sales@meetfellow.com to get started.
Fellow is great for any patient that you would normally recommend a semen analysis to. We test men who are actively trying to conceive, men testing the success of their vasectomy, men testing the success of their vasectomy reversal, men who are just curious about their fertility, and more!

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