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One clinically validated mail-in semen analysis with a world of benefits

Fellow's mail-in semen analysis tests optimize workflows for your clinic and staff, improve the patient experience,†‡and yield valuable insights into your patient's health and fertility.

Working With Us

Clinics that work with
Fellow report:

Increased time with patients
Less time spent handling logistics and answering patient questions frees up more time for one-on-one care.
More efficient workflows
With workflows that fit into your practice, you can focus on running your clinic — not semen analysis.
Increased compliance†‡
We track which patients received a kit — and send instructions and reminders — to help ensure that patients have all the information they need.

How It Works

Offer patients a more comfortable testing experience

Our mail-in semen tests dramatically improve the experience of patients and clinic staff members, achieving compliance rates of up to 97%†‡ (compared to an established average of about 50% for in-office testing)* while providing clinically valid results.

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    Provide a kit to your patient

    Give a Fellow kit to your patient for them to take home, or ship a kit directly to them.

  2. 02

    Patient completes the test

    When it's time to test, your patient registers their sample with our lab, produces it at home, and mails it back.

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    We analyze your patient's sample and turn the results around in less than 2 business days from when it reaches our CLIA-certified lab.

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    We deliver comprehensive and easy-to-understand results directly to you and your patient.

Our Clinic Portal

A comprehensive view of your
patient's testing journey

Our clinic portal saves you time and hassle by giving you a way to view your patients' testing progress and results.

Our Team

Dedicated support at every step

Our team works closely with you to be sure your clinic has everything it needs to successfully offer patients a smooth, positive experience—and to answer questions if you need help.

  1. Personalized solutions

    We start by working with your clinic to identify how we can improve your workflows, while also solving for improved patient compliance and satisfaction.

  2. Thorough clinic onboarding

    During onboarding we'll walk you through the clinic portal, offer best practices for stocking and storing Fellow tests, and supply you with patient collateral.

  3. Responsive customer care

    Your time—and your patients’—is important to us. We answer questions typically within the hour.

Clinically validated analysis powered by
Fellow's innovative mail-in kit.§

Our process is peer-reviewed to provide clinically valid results for samples produced up to 52 hours before they reach our lab. Our proprietary algorithm accounts for sperm's natural rate of degradation over time, allowing us to calculate a sample's metrics just as accurately as if it had been produced and analyzed within 1 hour of ejaculation.

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Clinically validated accuracy

Fellow's validation study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Fertility and Sterility, demonstrated the accuracy of the Fellow test. Our mail-in semen analysis testing system has a strong degree of correlation between 1-hour and delayed SA testing. This test may be used in clinical practice to evaluate semen quality for fertility evaluations.

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Independently reviewed

An independent review of our validation study noted the benefits of Fellow 's accurate mail-in test:"The ability to perform at-home semen analyses testing has numerous clinical and patient implications, including reducing patient anxiety, improving convenience, and potentially the ability to see higher levels of patient compliance"—Thomas A. Masterson, M.D. & Premal Patel, M.D.

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Our Vision

We see a routine test as a potential
canary in a coal mine

With patient consent, each test contributes to a biobank of semen samples that can be used to yield breakthroughs across medical disciplines.

Success Stories

Helping hundreds of providers move patient care forward

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As a high-volume vasectomy provider, Fellow post-vasectomy testing is the perfect solution for my patients as well as my practice. My patients are now able to complete their post-vasectomy semen analysis from the privacy of their own home, thereby increasing patient compliance. Once they complete testing, Fellow sends results to both me and my patient, decreasing the call volume into my practice previously required to communicate results.
David Robbins, MDUrologist at Urological Consultants of Florida, Miami, FL

Working with Fellow is simple
and convenient

We offer urologists, fertility specialists, and OBGYNs around the country a variety of options to make our tests accessible to your patients. Request more information to hear from one of our local representatives, or write us directly at sales@meetfellow.com.

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§ Samplaski et al. Development and validation of a novel mail-in semen analysis system and the correlation between one hour and delayed semen analysis testing; Fertil Steril. 2021;115(4):922-929

Tolani et al. Mail-in semen analysis breaks down racial, educational, and income barriers to semen analysis completion. Proceedings from the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society (PCRS) Annual Meeting 2024. Indian Wells, CA.

Gu et al. High compliance with Fellow semen analysis testing across the United States irrespective of clinical practice type. Proceedings from the American Urological Association Annual Meeting 2024. San Antonio, TX.

* Multiple publications report only 1 in 2 patients complete post-vasectomy semen analysis, including [1] Bradshaw et al., Urology, 2019, [2] Duplisea and Whelan, Journal of Urology, 2013 and [3] Johnson (Siegert) et al., Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research, 2019.

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