Fellow is the only peer-reviewed, clinical semen analysis your patients can do from home.

Doctors love us.

  1. We guarantee quality.

    We're the only CLIA-certified, peer-reviewed, direct-to-consumer semen analysis. We exceed all standards for FDA validated semen analysis methods.

  2. Patients love us.

    Patients take the test from the comfort of their homes and receive easy-to-understand results with next steps.

  3. Reduce clinical overhead.

    No more scheduling headaches, reimbursement challenges or requisitions to manage. All at no cost to your clinic.

How we work seamlessly together:

Your patients purchase a semen analysis kit.

We'll create a personalized webpage (for you or your clinic) where your patients can buy their kit at a discounted rate.

We handle the admin work.

Our physician network reviews and approves the order, saving you the paperwork and administrative headache.

Get secure results in 1.5 days.

Once your patient completes the test, the secure results are sent to both of you.

Our report is comprehensive.

Our easy to understand results include:

Total motile count - The total motile count is calculated to be equivalent to a one hour in-clinic test.

Morphology - We use the WHO guidelines 5.0 to analyze and report.

Motility - Our patented semen analysis kit and algorithm allow us to identify what your patients' motility was within one hour of ejaculation.

Count - Total sperm cells present. We can even perform post vasectomy semen analysis.

Volume - Volume of ejaculate calculated in milliliters.

Concentration - Reported in millions of sperm cells per milliliter.

Resources and recommendations - We work with male reproductive health experts to provide high quality information to help educate your patients. We also provide lifestyle recommendations to help your patients improve their overall fertility.

Post vasectomy and vasectomy reversal results - We have customized reports for vasectomy patients (and reversals), azoospermic patients, and asthenozoospermic patients.

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Our technology has peer-reviewed accuracy.

How can Fellow give accurate results beyond 1 hour of sample collection?

Good question. Fellow’s peer-reviewed patent-pending Stabilization Technology™ tackles this problem in two ways. First, we keep samples in optimal condition so that fewer sperm die en route to our lab. The semen analysis kit includes a preservation solution that extends the life of the sample, a gel pack that keeps the sample at the right temperature, and a sensor that monitors the kit's temperature and humidity. Second, we developed an algorithm that accurately models the rate of sperm degradation over time, allowing us to calculate a sample's metrics as if it was produced in a clinic. This methodology was developed and validated with our renown medical advisors, and the accuracy was published in the leading peer-reviewed journal, Fertility and Sterility. Our test meets and exceeds all CLIA and FDA requirements for validated semen analysis methods.

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I used to spend 4-5 hours a day scheduling semen analyses.. When Fellow came on board, it freed up half my day to work on other things.
Julia, UCSF Patient care coordinator

Use Fellow to complement your telemedicine practice.

Fellow’s easy-to-use service allows you and your patients to get the semen analysis results that you need without a clinic visit.


Questions? We've got answers.

Patients may seek reimbursement through their HSA/FSA plans. Itemized receipts can be provided for patients to submit for reimbursement.
Fellow is the only mail-in test that operates its own CLIA-certified lab (CLIA Number: 05D2081492). CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, and is monitored by three federal agencies: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each agency has a unique role in assuring quality laboratory testing. Being CLIA-certified means that we are recognized by the federal government for meeting quality regulations for running tests that are used to help doctors and patients make health decisions. Operating our own lab allows us to ensure that every test is done to the highest quality standards ensuring you get the most accurate results possible.
Fellow works with a physician network that is licensed in all 50 states to write test requisitions. When your patients order a test, our network reviews their information and writes the requisition for you.
We know that you want the best for your patients, so we understand if you want to test the waters. There’s no binding agreement or contract when using Fellow's services.
Patient's results can be automatically sent out to your office, subject to patient consent. This allows us to release their results to you within 1.5 business days of the lab receiving their sample. You’ll be able to view all of your patients’ completed results in one place.
Fellow is available in most states within the continental United States, with the exception of: Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island.
We can get you up and running in about 2 business days to start referring patients. Reach out to us at sales@meetfellow.com to get started.
Fellow is great for any patient that you would normally recommend a semen analysis to. We test men who are actively trying to conceive, men testing the success of their vasectomy, men testing the success of their vasectomy reversal, men who are just curious about their fertility, and more!

Have a different question? Contact us at support@meetfellow.com

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