Frequently Asked Questions

About Fellow

Yes. Fellow is the only mail-in semen analysis that provides the same results as what you'd receive at a fertility clinic or your doctor's office. But Fellow is more comfortable and likely cheaper than going the traditional route. We let you skip the awkward waiting room experience and the used magazines. Your results will be reviewed by a physician before they're sent to you, and all samples are processed in our CLIA-certified laboratory.
Fellow is an at-home, mail-in semen analysis kit that makes it easy for you to understand what's going on with your sperm. Wanting to have a baby, like, yesterday? Maybe want kids someday? Just curious about your reproductive health and what's going on below the belt? Fellow is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get info about your fertility, and we are the only clinical grade semen analysis that is available directly to consumers.
Fellow developed a way to solve that exact problem, no matter whether you live down the street from our lab or across the country. Your kit includes a vial of preservation solution that is used to stabilize your sample during the shipping process (and by the way, we cover the cost of overnight shipping back to our lab for all Full Semen Analysis Kits). Please note: our Vasectomy Test kits ship back to us via Ground shipping.
Fellow takes your privacy very seriously. Your semen analysis kit will arrive in a discreet box, so no worries about shipping it to your office. The return shipping box is discreet as well, so you can feel comfortable dropping it off at UPS without any side eyes. Once your sample arrives at our lab, it will be processed by our staff who will never see your name or any identifying information about you. Our lab destroys your sample immediately after processing it, so you can rest assured that it will NEVER be sold, saved, or used for insemination. Finally, your results are stored independently from your personally identifying information and delivered to you securely.
Unlike our competitors, Fellow is the only mail-in test that operates its own CLIA-certified lab (CLIA Number: 05D2177822). CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, and is monitored by three federal agencies: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Each agency has a unique role in assuring quality laboratory testing. Being CLIA-certified means that we are recognized by the federal government for meeting quality regulations for running tests that are used to help doctors and patients make health decisions. Operating our own lab allows us to ensure that every test is done to the highest quality standards ensuring you get the most accurate results possible.

Ordering your kit

Fellow is available in most states within the continental United States, with the exception of: New York and Rhode Island.
Yes! During the checkout process, you can either ship the kit directly to the recipient or you can have it shipped to you. Once the kit is in the hands of the intended recipient, make sure they are the one who registers the kit (the instructions booklet included inside the kit will remind them to do this).
Your semen analysis kit includes a specimen container, vial of preservation solution, instructions booklet, temperature sensor, and gel pack. Your kit will ship in an outer box that can immediately be discarded. The kit itself functions as a return shipper box, and it will already have the return shipping label attached to it.
Yes, your kit expires on the date listed on the vial of preservation solution. If this date has passed and you're now ready to use your kit, simply reach out to us and we'll send you a new vial of preservation solution.
We are happy to provide a refund up until your kit ships out to you. After your kit ships, we generally cannot provide refunds or accommodate returns. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support@meetfellow.com.

Producing your sample

At this time, the only way to produce a sample for testing is via masturbation. We can't provide an analysis on samples that were generated in any other method.
If the vial in your kit has expired (or is nearing expiration), please do not send back your kit! Instead, reach out to us at support@meetfellow.com letting us know your preservation solution has expired and we'll send you a new vial free of charge.
You'll need to produce your sample after you've been abstinent (meaning no sex, no masturbation, no ejaculation whatsoever) for a minimum of 48 hours, but a maximum of 5 days. Once you're within the abstinence window, plan to produce your sample on a Monday through Thursday morning or early afternoon, leaving ample time to make it to your local UPS Store before the overnight shipping cutoff (usually around 4 PM but can vary by location). Please note: the Vasectomy Test ships back as UPS Ground, not Overnight.
No. Most lubricants contain spermicides—AKA chemicals that kill your sperm—so avoid them. Saliva and lotion are also a no-go, as they can introduce bacteria into your sample. If you think this might be an issue for you, please reach out to us.
Please leave the gel pack exactly where it is in the kit. There's no need to remove it or put it in the refrigerator or freezer, even if it's not cold. The gel pack is designed to keep your sample at an optimal temperature during the overnight transport back to our lab in San Leandro, CA and it will work best if you don't handle it at all. Please note: the Vasectomy Test ships back via UPS Ground shipping.
Do your best. We will reach out to you if our lab isn't able to process your sample due to insufficient volume. For some men, increasing arousal time can make a big difference. Decreasing stress can also help, so do your best to relax before testing, and cultivate an environment in which you will feel comfortable. If you have concerns about your ejaculate volume, you may want to speak with your doctor.
Illnesses can impact your sample and compromise your results, so it is best to wait until you're feeling better. If you've had a fever recently, wait until your body has returned to its normal temperature for at least a week.
Drop us a line at support@meetfellow.com and we'll figure out how to fix your issue. Don't be shy—we've heard it all before.

Have a different question? Contact us at support@meetfellow.com