Add cryopreservation to your semen analysis kit to ensure the protection of your fertility for as long as you need.

  • Best-In-Class. Our lab is CLIA certified and FDA registered.
  • Convenient. Provide your sample in the comfort of your home and mail it back. Your kit ships for free.
  • Secure. 24/7 security on samples.
$189.00 + $140/year for storage
  • Top doctors approve
  • Privacy & Security Assured
  • Own CLIA-certified lab
  • FDA Registered

Why store your sperm?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to store your sample:

  • A doctor recommended it for you
  • To insure your healthiest sperm for your future
  • You’re not planning on having kids for years
  • You’re planning on getting a vasectomy
  • You’re in a high risk environment (you’re in the military or exposed to chemicals that impact fertility)
  • You’re undergoing a medical procedure or treatment that will reduce your fertility (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or gender affirming therapy)

Created with the highest standards.

Not every mail-in semen analysis and cryopreservation company is the same. We’ve done our homework to bring you a storage option and analysis that is the best on the market.

Other mail-in analysis + storage companiesIn-person clinicFellow
100% compliant with clinics 100% compliant with clinics 
We follow all guidelines from the FDA and the Society for<br/> Assisted Reproductive Technology to store your sample.<br/> Most fertility clinics should accept sperm stored with us.
Gold standard accuracy Gold standard 
Our semen analysis is validated through a peer-reviewed<br/> publication in Fertility and Stertility. The paper shows<br/> how our methodology meets the gold standard for<br/> accuracy compared to a semen analysis performed within<br/> one hour at a lab. <a href="https://www.meetfellow.com/blog/fellow%E2%80%99s-accuracy-study-published-in-peer-reviewed-journal"> Read the paper. </a>
Own and operate CLIA-certified lab Own and operate CLIA-certified lab 
By owning and operating a CLIA-certified lab, we guarantee<br/> that your information and sample is only handled by Fellow<br/> employees. This enables us to ensure the highest quality<br/> experience every step of the way.
Collect your sample from homeCollect your sample from home
Upfront costUpfront cost~$199~$1000$189
Yearly cost Yearly cost 
If you choose to purchase Semen Analysis + Cryopreservation <br/> you’ll be charged $189 when you buy, and then $140/year when <br/> we successfully store your sample. If we cannot cryopreserve <br/> your sample, you will not be charged the storage fee.

Meet the world's top experts that lead our cryopreservation.

When it comes to cryopreserving your sample, the quality and safety of your stored sperm is imperative. We’ve partnered with top reproductive health doctors and cryobank specialists to ensure that our cryopreservation offering is as robust and secure as possible.

Dorrie Lamb Ph.D.

Fellow Cryopreservation Author

Dr. Lamb is the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Urology, and Director of the Center for Reproductive Genomics at Weill Cornell Medicine. She is highly recognized for her significant contributions in the field. She is a former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology.

Get started today. It's easy.

Buy your kit and we'll ship it to you.
Provide your sample, mail it back. Get accurate fertility results.
We'll freeze and store your sample in 3 vials at -320 °F.
We'll securely ship your sample to your clinic when you want it.

Your sample is safe on its way to our lab.

Our patent-pending kit is designed to keep your sample in optimal condition as it travels back to our lab. Each kit is temperature controlled and contains preservation solution that extends the life of your sample.

Get an in-depth analysis of the sperm you’re storing.

We’ll email you a secure webpage with your comprehensive and physician-approved semen analysis results, as well as give you insight into how your stored samples can be used by fertility clinics to enable you to become a parent. You can bring this report to your doctor to discuss further.

See a sample report

Enable any clinic to use your sperm by completing an STI test.

A majority of fertility clinics will only accept semen samples that have been screened for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B & C, and HTLV-1, so that they can take the necessary precautions when using your sample to fertilize an egg. We've partnered with a secure lab so you can purchase an at-home blood and urine STI test. Testing with them enables you to file your STI result with your cryopreserved sample so that we can facilitate sending your sample to your preferred clinic.

Your sample is safe and secure in our state of the art facility.

We’re the only mail-in semen analysis and cryopreservation company to own and operate a CLIA certified lab and be registered with the FDA. Our lab is locked 24/7 and is equipped with video surveillance to ensure your sample is safe. Your sample is deindentified and can only be removed with your approval. Your sample can be stored indefinitely, and is ready for when you need it. When you are ready to use it for a fertility procedure, reach out to us and and we'll coordinate with whichever clinic you choose.

A Recap Of What We Offer.

  • Regulations

    Highest quality standards

    We're the only mail-in semen storage facility to own and operate a CLIA certified lab and be registered with the FDA.

  • Convenience

    Use your sample at your preferred clinic

    We've partnered with a secure lab to offer you an affordable, at-home STI test. Completing this test enables you to use your sample at any clinic.

  • Confidence & Control

    Security & Privacy

    Our lab is locked 24/7 to ensure your sample is safe. Your sample can only be removed with your approval and fertility results are only shared with you and your doctor.

Questions? We've got answers.

Cryopreservation questions

We are happy to provide a refund up until your semen analysis kit ships out to you. After your kit ships, we generally cannot provide refunds due to the nature of your sample being stored. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support@meetfellow.com. Should you decide to cancel your storage subscription, your billing cycle will finish the remaining amount of time but will not renew. Please reach out to us at least two business days prior to your subscription renewing if you wish to cancel it.
If you wish to use your stored sample, we are happy to coordinate with you to ship it a licensed fertility clinic of your choice. We will work with you and the clinic to ensure your sample is shipped with care. You can use any licensed shipping agent you wish, and you would pay all associated shipping costs directly to that shipping agent, not to Fellow. We can provide you with a recommended shipping company if you are exploring your options. There will be a one-time extraction fee paid to Fellow to remove your sample from our storage facility. We would send you a separate invoice prior to removing your sample from storage. If you have any additional questions about this, please reach out to us at support@meetfellow.com.
Your cryopreservation subscription will begin as soon as the lab stores your sample within our cryopreservation tank. We will bill the card we have on file and your subscription will automatically renew each year on the annual anniversary for as long as you have your sample stored with us. In the rare circumstance that your sample is not viable for cryopreservation storage, we will not bill you the $140... you will only be charged if the sample is stored.
If you are going to store your sample for cryopreservation, our lab will require you to complete the following STI tests. You can do an STI screening at any FDA-approved lab you wish and then you'll need to send us your results to lab@meetfellow.com. Please note - some fertility clinics may have different requirements for receiving a cryopreserved sample (STI panel requirements, when that panel needs to be done compared to when the sample was produced, other reports needed, etc.). Fellow highly encourages you to reach out to the receiving clinic (if you are already working with one) to learn what their specific requirements are as we cannot guarantee that every clinic requires the same items. Here are the STI tests required: HIV-1 HIV-2 HBV HCV CMV HTLV-1 HTLV-2 Treponema Neisseria Chlamydia
This is a great question. Freezing sperm is like an insurance policy that ensures your sperm is healthy and available when you need to use it. While freezing sperm is a great option for all men, there are groups of men who may benefit from storing the most. These are: men who may be undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, in high risk jobs, military, or those undergoing gender confirmation surgery.
We can store any sample that has motile (or swimming) sperm cells inside. While samples that contain more sperm cells increase a likelihood of pregnancy down the road, samples with just a few sperm cells can be stored to attempt a procedure known as ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). This is when fertility specialists take one sperm cell and inject it into an egg to achieve fertilization. We'll let you know inside your fertility report how many cells we're storing with recommendations tailored to you.
Sperm cells that are thawed after freezing typically show a reduction in motility (the ability to swim) by about 25%-50%. Traditionally, sperm cells need to swim to reach an egg. However, with the advancement of technology, experts can now take one sperm cell and inject it into an egg, regardless of its motility. This procedure is called ICSI.
Fellow's Semen Analysis + Cryopreservation is recommended by doctors around the country because we meet the same rigorous standards that traditional clinics follow. However, Fellow provides convenience and comfort as you can provide the sample from home.
Sperm stored at -320 ˚F can be viable for decades, if not longer. The longest time between freezing and use ever reported is over 25 years but it's possible that sperm frozen for up to 200 years can still be viable.
We cryogenically freeze your sample in three vials at -320 ˚F. At this temperature, the cells are suspended (they're alive but are not using any energy). These vials are labeled with a cryptic code to keep your identity safe and then are locked in a tamper proof and secure canister. Our lab is video surveillance monitored 24/7 and the individual storage canisters have a high tech alarm that ensures the protection of your sample.
We'll divide your sample into three vials, giving you three attempts for a pregnancy. Many men choose to store more vials to increase the likelihood of initiating a successful pregnancy. How much you choose will depend on your situation.
Stored sperm can be used for many fertility procedures including IVF (in vitro fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Which procedure is right for you will depend on many factors including: the number of sperm cells in each vial stored, the number of vials you're storing, the fertility of your partner, your budget, and the number of children you want.
If you do not complete a compliant STI test within 1 year of storing, we can not guarantee that your preferred clinic will accept your sample for a fertility procedure.
Many clinics will only use stored sperm for fertility procedures if the patient has had a virology test for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, HTLV, and Syphilis within 1 year of storing the sample. It is a risk for the clinic to use untested sperm because these conditions can impact the pregnancy and the fetus. This is why Fellow has partnered with a lab to provide you an at-home STI test that is compliant.

Have a different question? See all our FAQs or Contact us at support@meetfellow.com