Add cryopreservation to your semen analysis kit to ensure the protection of your fertility for as long as you need.

  • Best-In-Class. Our lab is CLIA certified and FDA registered.
  • Convenient. Provide your sample in the comfort of your home and mail it back. Your kit ships for free.
  • Secure. 24/7 security on samples.
$189.00 + $140/year for storage
  • Top doctors approve
  • Privacy & Security Assured
  • Own CLIA-certified lab
  • FDA Registered

Why store your sperm?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to store your sample:

  • A doctor recommended it for you
  • To insure your healthiest sperm for your future
  • You’re not planning on having kids for years
  • You’re planning on getting a vasectomy
  • You’re in a high risk environment (you’re in the military or exposed to chemicals that impact fertility)
  • You’re undergoing a medical procedure or treatment that will reduce your fertility (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or gender affirming therapy)

Created with the highest standards.

Not every mail-in semen analysis and cryopreservation company is the same. We’ve done our homework to bring you a storage option and analysis that is the best on the market.

Other mail-in analysis + storage companiesIn-person clinicFellow
100% compliant with clinics 100% compliant with clinics 
We follow all guidelines from the FDA and the Society for<br/> Assisted Reproductive Technology to store your sample.<br/> Most fertility clinics should accept sperm stored with us.
Gold standard accuracy Gold standard 
Our semen analysis is validated through a peer-reviewed<br/> publication in Fertility and Stertility. The paper shows<br/> how our methodology meets the gold standard for<br/> accuracy compared to a semen analysis performed within<br/> one hour at a lab. <a href="https://www.meetfellow.com/blog/fellow%E2%80%99s-accuracy-study-published-in-peer-reviewed-journal"> Read the paper. </a>
Own and operate CLIA-certified lab Own and operate CLIA-certified lab 
By owning and operating a CLIA-certified lab, we guarantee<br/> that your information and sample is only handled by<span translate="no"> Fellow</span><br/> employees. This enables us to ensure the highest quality<br/> experience every step of the way.
Collect your sample from homeCollect your sample from home
Upfront costUpfront cost~$199~$1000$189
Yearly cost Yearly cost 
If you choose to purchase Semen Analysis + Cryopreservation <br/> you’ll be charged $189 when you buy, and then $140/year when <br/> we successfully store your sample. If we cannot cryopreserve <br/> your sample, you will not be charged the storage fee.

Meet the world's top experts that lead our cryopreservation.

When it comes to cryopreserving your sample, the quality and safety of your stored sperm is imperative. We’ve partnered with top reproductive health doctors and cryobank specialists to ensure that our cryopreservation offering is as robust and secure as possible.

Dorrie Lamb Ph.D.

Fellow Cryopreservation Author

Dr. Lamb is the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Urology, and Director of the Center for Reproductive Genomics at Weill Cornell Medicine. She is highly recognized for her significant contributions in the field. She is a former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology.

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