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Why get a semen analysis?

There’s many reasons why you may want a semen analysis:

  • A doctor recommended it for you
  • You're looking to pursue the first step in a fertility evaluation
  • You're trying to conceive
  • You're testing your vasectomy / reversal success
  • You're curious how your fertility is impacted by your overall health

Get your comprehensive results.

We analyze the most important sperm health factors to give you an understanding of your ability to conceive.

See a sample report

Provide a sample and tell us about yourself.

We test your sample in our secure & CLIA-certified biolab in California and write up a full report based on the results.

What we analyze in your sperm sample.

  • Volume

    Milliliters (mL) of your entire sample

    Volume refers to the amount of semen in your sample (measured in mL). Volume can fluctuate quite a bit depending on when you last ejaculated.

  • Concentration

    How many million sperm per mL

    Sperm concentration is the number of sperm per mL in a semen sample.

  • Count

    How many sperm are in your sample

    Sperm count is the total number of sperm in the entire sample. To determine the sperm count, sperm concentration is multiplied by the total volume of the sample.

  • Motility

    How your sperm are swimming

    Sperm motility refers to the percentage of sperm that are swimming in a sample. This is important in fertility because sperm need to swim to reach and fertilize an egg.

  • Total Motile Count

    How many sperm in your sample are swimming

    This is regarded as the most important factor for male fertility- it is the result of multiplying sample volume, concentration, and motility.

  • Morphology

    How your sperm are shaped

    Sperm morphology refers to the shape of your sperm. A typical sample only has about 4%-20% of normal shaped sperm cells. Shocking? Well, you’re making 1,500 per second, so there’s bound to be some errors!

Save your most fertile sperm for later.

We offer convenient and affordable cryopreservation (storage) of your sperm to protect your fertility for years to come. Your sperm gradually degrades with age, and can be greatly affected by your health and lifestyle.

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Had gone to a clinic last time I was tested but this was much more convenient / comfortable for me to do at home and with Covid going on, feels ever safer! Thanks Fellow!
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Tested and protected.

Every sample is stored under lock and key in our state-of-the-art lab as it awaits analysis. Once a sample is analyzed, it is immediately destroyed.

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We take your privacy seriously. Your results are kept anonymous, and are only shared with you (and with your doctor, if you choose).

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