Our test is the only peer-reviewed, clinically valid, mail-in semen analysis.

But wait… won’t sperm die before it arrives at your lab?

Our method of providing mail-in semen analysis is published and peer-reviewed in one of the leading scientific journals on reproductive health, Fertility & Sterility. This means that we’ve demonstrated that we can provide accurate results when analyzing samples received within 52 hours of when they were produced.

How does it work? Fellow Semen Analysis kits include a preservation solution designed to stabilize your sample and a gel pack that helps maintain a reasonable temperature during transit. Overnight shipping is included so your sample gets to us as quickly as possible. Despite these measures, semen does still degrade over time. That’s why we developed and validated an algorithm that predicts degradation, allowing us to calculate results comparable to those provided by a traditional lab.

If you’re using the Fellow Vasectomy Test, we look for the presence of sperm—any sperm, living or dead—so degradation isn’t an issue. Samples ship via UPS Ground, and if we find sperm you should test again.

Clinically validated accuracy

Fellow's validation study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Fertility and Sterility, demonstrated the accuracy of the Fellow test. Our mail-in semen analysis testing system has a strong degree of correlation between 1-hour and delayed SA testing. This test may be used in clinical practice to evaluate semen quality for fertility evaluations.

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Independently reviewed

An independent review of our validation study noted the benefits of Fellow 's accurate mail-in test:"The ability to perform at-home semen analyses testing has numerous clinical and patient implications, including reducing patient anxiety, improving convenience, and potentially the ability to see higher levels of patient compliance"—Thomas A. Masterson, M.D. & Premal Patel, M.D.

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Our test is recommended by doctors at top institutions.