Vasectomy Test

Testing the success of your vasectomy is the only way to know for sure that you are no longer fertile and not able to conceive. TheFellow Vasectomy Test is:

  • Convenient. Provide your sample in the comfort of your home and mail it back. Your kit ships for free.
  • Accurate. Samples are analyzed in our CLIA-approved lab, and results are reviewed by a doctor.
  • Fast. Clinical and easy to understand results sent within 1.5 days of our lab receiving your kit.
  • Top doctors approve
  • Privacy & Security Assured
  • CLIA-certified lab

Who is the Vasectomy Test for?

This test is for you if:

  • A doctor recommended this test
  • You are testing your vasectomy to ensure the procedure was successful
  • Had a vasectomy reversal? Order our semen analysis.

Don't roll the dice on your fertility.
Test your vasectomy with Fellow.

While most vasectomies are sucessful, they are not 100% guaranteed. That's why patients need to use another form of birth control to avoid pregnancy until vasectomy test results show zero sperm in a sample. In some cases, achieving zero sperm takes weeks or months longer than expected, and in rare cases, a second vasectomy is required. Testing is the only way to ensure you will not conceive a child.

Get peace of mind by testing conveniently at home.

Doctors trust Fellow.

Developed by experts
Fellow's tests were created and validated with leaders in men’s reproductive health.
Optimized for patients & customers
Fellow tests are convienent, affordable, fast, and provide easy-to-understand results.
Clinical-grade quality
Fellow is CLIA-certified, and uses World Health Organization methods.

How to test the success of your vasectomy from home:

1. Wait 12 weeks and clear out your system.

The American Urological Association recommends ejaculating at least 20-30 times during a 12 week period following your vasectomy. During this time you and your partner should use other forms of birth control because there may be lingering sperm cells in your reproductive tract.

2. Conveniently test at home.

With a Fellow Vasectomy Test you can produce a sample at home and mail it back (shipping is already included). We'll analyze your sample in our CLIA-approved lab to look for any sperm.

3. Accurate results.

We'll email you a secure webpage with your comprehensive and physician-approved results after we analyze your sample. If your physician recommended this test for you, we'll also send them a copy of your results if you wish.

4. Repeat if necessary.

If your results indicate you have sperm in your sample, or if your doctor requires two tests to deem a vasectomy successful, test again conveniently at home. Some doctors advise to get tested a year after your procedure to ensure that your vas deferens (what was cut during the vasectomy) did not repair itself.

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Had gone to a clinic last time I was tested but this was much more convenient / comfortable for me to do at home and with Covid going on, feels ever safer! Thanks Fellow!
Planning to conceive in the future

Fellow compared to a lab.

Traditional LabFellow

Average Cost

Upwards of $150 or more




Provide your sample awkwardly in a clinic


Provide sample in the comfort of your home

Questions? We've got answers.

Vasectomy Test questions

Your kit expires on the date listed on the vial of preservation solution included inside. If this date has passed and you're now ready to use your kit, simply reach out to us (before you send back your kit!) at support@meetfellow.com and we'll send you a new vial of preservation solution free of charge.
We are happy to provide a refund up until your kit ships out to you. After your Vasectomy kit ships, we generally cannot provide refunds or accommodate returns. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support@meetfellow.com.
Our Vasectomy Test cuts out the hassle of going to a lab or clinic to ejaculate and produce a sample for them to test. You can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Yes we can absolutely send out your results to your physician. When you register your kit, you can input your Physician's clinic information and we'll send your results to them when they're ready at the same time we send them to you.
If you're looking to test the success of your vasectomy, the Fellow Vasectomy Test is an excellent option for that. To prepare, you should first follow any instructions your doctor has provided for post-op recovery. Additionally, it should be at least 12 weeks from your actual surgery before you test. During those 12 weeks, you'll want to ejaculate roughly 20-30 times as this will help "clear out your system" to prepare for the test.
At this time, we are currently self-pay only. However, if you have an HSA or FSA account, you may be able to seek reimbursement from your plan. The first step would be to check with your plan; if they approve the expense, you can pay for your kit with your personal credit card and then submit a receipt to your plan for reimbursement. We have detailed receipts available for you to submit once you receive your results. Just let us know at support@meetfellow.com if your HSA/FSA needs one and we can get one sent to you ASAP.
The Vasectomy Test is not the same as the Semen Analysis. This test is only checking to see if there are sperm in your semen whereas the Semen Analysis goes into much more detail about your sample. The Vasectomy Test should only be purchased if you are looking to test the success of your vasectomy. If you have additional questions about which test is right for you, please shoot us an email at support@meetfellow.com.
Your Vasectomy Test kit will ship back to us via UPS Ground, which normally takes 5-7 business days to arrive. Once the lab receives your sample, you should expect to have results within 1.5 business days. When you results are approved, we'll send you a secure link via email to view your report.
Yes! Fellow is appropriate for post-vasectomy men who want to verify that the procedure worked. Just be sure to let us know that you're checking the success of your vasectomy when you register your kit (don't worry, we'll remind you).

Have a different question? See all our FAQs or Contact us at support@meetfellow.com